God has spoken and has ensured His Word was written down faithfully for us. The preacher’s task and the pastor’s main responsibility is to make clear what God has said in His Word, the Bible. Therefore, the main point of the sermon must be the main point of the selected Biblical text.

Acts 20:17-38: True Shepherds

Exodus 7:14-8:19: God’s Supremacy

Exodus 6:1-7:13: God’s Promise of Salvation

Exodus 5:1-6:1: God’s Testing

Exodus 4:10-31: God’s Righteous Wrath

Exodus 3:10-4:9: God’s Plan of Salvation

Exodus 2:23-3:9: God’s Compassion

Exodus 2:11-22: God’s Preparation

Exodus 1:22-2:10: God’s Providence

Exodus 1:1-21: God’s Faithfulness

Mark 12:28-40: Motivated by Love

Luke 9:46-50: The Sin of Self-Glory

Luke 9:37-45: Without Faith

Luke 9:27-36: A Glimpse of Glory

Luke 9:18-27: The Nature of Saving Faith

Luke 9:12-17: Trust Jesus as Lord

Luke 9:1-11: Sent on Mission

Luke 8:40-56: The Lord over Death

Luke 8:26-39: The Lord over the Spirits

Luke 8:22-25: The Lord over Nature

Luke 8:16-21: Heed the Word

Luke 8:1-15: Receive the Word

Psalm 19: The World and the Word

Psalm 1: Living by the Word of God

Luke 7:36-50: Who Is This Man? Reiterated

Luke 7:18-35: Responding Rightly to Jesus

Luke 7:11-17: Divinity Displayed

Luke 6:43-49: Salvation Causes Obedience to Christ

Luke 6:37-42: Dealing with the Sins of Others

Luke 6:20-26: Find Comfort in Christ’s Favor

Luke 6:12-19: Joining the Ministry of Christ

Luke 6:6-11: Jesus, the Divine Emissary

Luke 6:1-5: The Lord of the Law

Luke 5:33-39: The Exclusive Nature of the Gospel

Luke 5:27-32: A Picture of Repentance

Luke 5:12-16: Jesus, Our Faithful High Priest

Luke 5:1-11: Responding Rightly to Jesus

Luke 4:14-30: Who Is This Messiah?

Luke 4:1-13: Jesus, Our Victor