Abortion in Kentucky at the Supreme Court: Urgent Action Needed

Two days ago, the Kentucky supreme court heard arguments challenging the current bans on abortion in Kentucky. These bans, which were passed into law by the Kentucky legislature, have prevented many infants from being murdered by abortion in Kentucky since Roe v. Wade was struck down by the US Supreme Court in the Dobbs decision. For example, in March of 2022, nearly 500 babies were murdered by abortion in Kentucky, but since the trigger ban went into effect, by August, there was only one abortion in Kentucky. These laws that are being challenged before the Kentucky Supreme Court are very effective at saving the lives of the most vulnerable in our state. Any day, the Kentucky Supreme Court could hand down an injunction allowing abortion to resume while litigation on the bans continue.

I am pleading with you to be in prayer for the Kentucky Supreme Court that they would act justly by protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Please pray that God would bring the gospel message before the pro-abortion advocates that they might repent and be saved. Please pray for Kentucky that we would be a refuge for preborn persons.

I also ask that you would reach out to the Kentucky Supreme Court respectfully. During the hearing, at least one of the justices on the Supreme Court acknowledged that they are listening to the opinion of the people. Even outside the courtroom, pro-abortion advocates were chanting during the hearings and could be heard in the courtroom. Would you please contact the Supreme Court and urge them to uphold the laws which protect unborn persons from murder by abortion? You can contact the Kentucky Supreme Court here. Below is what I have written to them.

Dear Kentucky Supreme Court Justices,  

I am the Lead Pastor of Grace Point Church in Henderson, KY. I am writing to respectfully plead with you to uphold the laws banning abortion that are currently in place in Kentucky.  

The main reason to uphold these laws is that those in the human womb can be nothing other than human. Being human, they bear worth, dignity, and rights. It is easy to dismiss their worth and suffering because persons in the womb are not easily seen or heard. However, justice protects persons from the wrongdoing of others. Justice protects the weak when the weak cannot protect themselves and restrains the strong from wrongful harm of the weak. Furthermore, justice fairly weighs rights, regarding the right to bodily autonomy as lesser than the right to life.  

If you take into consideration the failure of Amendment 2 in the recent election, I ask you to please remember that nearly half of Kentucky voters voted for Amendment 2 and that 98 of Kentucky’s 120 counties voted “Yes” on Amendment 2. The vote against Amendment 2 was not as strong or united as many are portraying. 

If you have regard for the Holy Bible (while I believe the Bible to be the inerrant and infallible Word of God as many Kentuckians do, I also recognize that our legal system in Kentucky and in the United States has been greatly shaped by the Bible), please consider that the Bible reveals that all humans have value, dignity, and rights because we are made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-27), that harming those who bear God’s image is a grave sin (Genesis 9:5-7), that abortion breaks the sixth of the Ten Commandments—the prohibition against murder (Exodus 20:13) which is applied to protecting unborn human life in Exodus 21:22-25. The Bible further reveals that God imputes value and rights upon a person at conception before the formation of the body gets underway (Psalm 139:13-16; Jeremiah 1:5). The personhood of unborn humans is clearly portrayed of John the Baptist and of the Lord Jesus in Luke 1:39-45.  

Will you please protect the most vulnerable people residing in our state by upholding these laws prohibiting abortion?  

Thank you for taking time to consider my concerns.  


Eric Fannin 

Lead Pastor

Grace Point Church  

A dear friend and ministry colleague who deals with this topic regularly pointed out to me that pro-abortion advocates usually speak of the preborn as humans but not as persons; making two categories of humans–those who have value and those who do not. This is an illogical idea and every time it has been made throughout history, it has done extreme damage and brought the condemnation of future generations. Examples of this same kind of thinking can be seen in the Nazi regime which used the term Lebensunwertes Laben (life unworthy of life) to label any demographic of people they determined to exterminate such as Jews and those with intellectual disabilities or when advocates for slavery in the United States saw African Americans as humans who are of less worth and therefore could be enslaved with impunity. A good rebuttal against this pro-abortion argument that unborn humans have less value than other humans can be found here.

For the Associated Press report regarding the Kentucky Supreme Court hearing, click here.

Again, I plead with you to pray for the Supreme Court and to contact them to let them know that justice protects unborn human life.

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