His Perfect Word Revives Our Souls

In my Ministry of Worship class in seminary I was required to write a hymn. I don’t consider myself to be particularly adept in the fine arts so I found this assignment frustrating. I remember that I sat down for a few hours with a blank piece of paper on the desk in front of me and pen in hand. I could think of nothing.

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Then, my favorite psalm which I had recently studied in Theology I came to mind: Psalm 19. This Psalm is about how God reveals Himself to mankind. The first section speaks of the knowledge of God we gain from creation. This is known as general revelation because it is communicated to all mankind through creation. However, general revelation is limited. It doesn’t give us specifics about God’s character or plan; it does not tell us how to be saved. General revelation does show us that there is a Creator who is omnipotent (all-powerful) and omnisapient (all-wise).

The second section of Psalm 19 speaks of God’s Word, also known as the Bible, Scriptures, or Special Revelation. Special Revelation tells us what General Revelation lacks: that God has made Himself known in the person and work of Jesus Christ. It shows us God’s love, His plan for salvation, His relational nature, His justice, His holiness, His grace, etc. Indeed, the Psalmist states the “The law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the soul.” The word “restoring” is the Hebrew word מְשִׁיבַת which carries the idea of repentance or changing direction in relation to God which the King James Version helpfully translates “converting.” The form of the verb in Hebrew expresses causation. God’s Word initiates our eternal salvation. Therefore, it is more precious and valuable than any object we can obtain, no matter the quantity.

As I pondered this favorite Psalm, words just began to flow out of my heart onto the page. Once started, the hymn was completed in a matter of minutes. I hope you will enjoy this hymn inspired by Psalm 19.


His Perfect Word Revives Our Souls

Psalm 19
To the tune of: My Hope is Built on Nothing Less
In Long Meter
By Eric Grant Fannin
May 10, 2009

Verse 1

All Heavens sing and glorify

Of His great name, O, El Shaddai

The world does sing and testify

Of how He made both earth and sky


His perfect Word revives our souls

The Majesty of Christ foretold

He gives us all new life to hold

Verse 2

The morning sun brings light to day

Revives the earth without delay

Just as the Son of Man came forth

To give us life in second birth


His perfect Word revives our souls

The mysteries of Christ unfold

He gives us all new life to hold

Verse 3

As winter’s chill begins to wane

So does man’s heart forget its shame

When Christ has come within to live

Repent, believe, He will forgive


His perfect Word revives our souls

The mercies of our Christ are shown

He gives us all new life to hold

Verse 4

If we will seek His glorious face

Revealed in His true Word by grace

He will make wise our simple hearts

And shield us from the fiery darts


His perfect Word revives our souls

The graces of our Christ made known

He gives us all new life to hold

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